This wellbeing studio is all about people & plants for positive wellbeing. If you follow my social media pages, you won't be surprised to know how plants mean everything to me! Sometimes people ask me why they are so important & while there are many reasons, more than anything, one thing springs to mind... 

- we can't eat, drink or breathe without them!

Throughout my career, I have met so many passionate & admirable people around the world who love plants just as much as I do. From those who promote plants, design gardens, draw & photograph plants to people who have changed their lives & the community due to their uplifting experiences with the natural world. I've always noticed how passionate plant lovers are & that very often we admire the plants without knowing more about the people who enjoy them & make the world a better place for doing so.

In the studio, you will find inspirational stories of gardening for wellbeing, how to better appreciate nature walks, how to use herbs & plants for good health, how to give nature crafts a go, plant based recipes, books & podcasts plus contacts for help & support when you need it, plus much more - all contributed by plant crazy people.

There are also some exceptional products, where you can meet the seller & find some exclusive discounts that you will only find here.

Don't forget to take a look at the studio sessions - there are some great webinars coming up about plants with wellbeing always at the core. 

The studio will constantly be updated with new stories, webinars & information so keep a check when you are taking a break from the garden...there are some exciting things to come. You can also keep up to date by signing up for the monthly newsletter & following @peopleplantswellbeing on Instagram.

By understanding how plants improve peoples lives, we can better appreciate their importance, make stronger connections & continue to spread the word about how plants really do make people happy!

Ellen Mary

(you can find out more about me HERE)


Thank you to everyone who has contributed! If you would like to get involved email me on wellbeing@ellenmarygardening.co.uk