Alpine Flowers – Mood lifters for the garden

The New Year usually brings the promise of new beginnings and bright hope for a fun-filled year with mood boosting activities such as hugging friends and group celebrations. Whilst we wait for these to return, we have other options around us to help, such as the therapy of plants and flowers.


During the UK’s first lockdown in 2020, we found customers requesting certain colours that they either particularly loved or wanted to give as a gift for a loved one. Likewise, certain colours were requested to be omitted. Colour and the shades of petals you see blooming in front of you, can help play a part in lifting your mood, lowering stress and bringing comfort. Although personal to everyone, soft pinks and purples can bring feelings of kindness, affection whilst also aiding calmness, creativity and inspiration. For 2020, our most popular request was in fact for a Hardy Alpine Collection with the colours of pink, white and purple flowers -  we now have this available all year round.


Also, by request we have put together a firework collection of yellow, orange and red tones which help stimulate the senses bringing warmth, passion and energy. These colours became in favour towards the end of last Summer, as customers desired something really vibrant to revive their rockeries, raised beds and outdoor containers.

Simply by growing these beautiful little floral gems and seeing the reproduction lifecycle before you, brings calmness as well as the excitement of new life, fresh beginnings and hope for the future. To us, our Alpines remind us of walking holidays in the Alps and the Dolomites: fresh air, freedom and nature. They remind us that not only is life an adventure but we must also take time for moments of stillness, free from distractions and demands.