If you have never tried embroidery, now may be the time to pick up a needle and have a go. Even before lockdown's were a thing, embroidery, and specifically cross stitch, have been championed as an excellent way to calm a busy mind. 


Cross stitch is a very simple hobby. Its ease and repetitiveness make it extremely soothing. It focusses the mind without being too taxing. Bringing your needle up and down through the fabric has a rhythm like breathing, tapping into the creative side of your brain that can often be ignored. And on a simplistic level, if you are stitching, you aren't on your phone endlessly scrolling the news feeds of doom.


I started Bobo Stitch as I loved the process of cross stitching, but couldn't find any modern designs. Thankfully that is no longer the case and there are contemporary patterns out there that appeal to all types of aesthetics. Personally, I aim to keep my designs simple, often using repeating patterns that help the stitcher to get into a flow of stitching that can aid relaxation, while producing something that you'll be proud to show off at the end. 


The natural world provides some of the prettiest and most recognisable patterns, as well as being an obvious source of inspiration for subject matter and colour choices.  Once you get hooked on this new hobby (and be warned, it can be extremely addictive), there's only so much wall-space for your finished stitching, so I try to design patterns that can ultimately be useful - bags, cushions, bunting, t-shirt patches, vegan leather cuffs - and using nature as an inspiration point can help to bring the outside in. When we are all stuck inside right now, that can't be a bad thing. So give it a whirl - thread up and dive in!

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