Life is busy right now! With everything going on in the world our minds are working overtime. Between work, homeschooling, constant negative news updates you’re struggling to switch off. I’m inviting you to head out into your garden for just 5 minutes a day to help you find some headspace amongst the noise.


Here’s 5 ways to make sure that it happens and you don’t waste a second of that precious time.

Give yourself permission

You’re under an inordinate amount of pressure right now. It feels like everyone wants your attention ALL THE TIME. Things you might usually do for downtime are off limits and so you keep working and tending to everyone else’s needs instead of your own.


You deserve a break.

By allowing your brain to rest you will feel less overwhelmed, happier and be more productive.

Write it into your daily schedule

Do you feel like you’re running from one thing to the next with no let up in between? You can’t possibly find even 1 minute to get out in your garden let alone 5.


At the start of your day draw out a timetable in hour blocks.

Write in your plan for the day, factoring in some time to get in the garden. After lunch works well to boost your energy for the afternoon.


The benefits of this are twofold: you feel more in control of the day AND you guarantee that precious time outdoors.

Lay your gardening gear out in advance

How many times have you got outside to realise you’ve left your gloves inside and you have to go back in to get them?


Lay your gardening gear out the night before and keep your gardening tools in an easily accessible place, so every drop of time you have is used for the good stuff- actually gardening.

Know what you plan to do before you get out there

This stops you from wasting precious time! When you write your timetable at the start of the day- write in what you’re going to do. That means you’re not using your 5 minutes to think about it, you’re actually doing it!

Keep it simple

Use your senses of sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste to focus on the activity as you do it. The feeling of the tools in your hand. What you can hear as you go about your activity? The colour changes in the soil as you water your seedlings.


Here’s a 5 minute mindful gardening exercise that you can do at any time of the year, in any size garden or allotment.


Notice every inch of a plant

The shape of the leaves

The smell of the flowers

Touch the stems with your fingers, are they smooth or rough?

Close your eyes and run your fingers through the leaves, what can you hear?

If the plant is edible what does it taste like?


To download 11 more mindful gardening activities to help you switch off click here.


Bio: Kendall Platt is The Mindful gardening Coach. She helps women who find it hard to switch off stop doing all the things they feel like they should be doing and through her mindful gardening group and 1 to 1 programmes take a moment to slow down through gardening.

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