Decorative Glass Designer -

Emma Britton


Natures organic forms and its beautiful accidental colour palette is why I love to use it as inspiration for my design work. Painting and drawing petals and leaves holds infinite interest for me; their diversity in shape and form is amazing. I love depicting Foxgloves, Lupins and Foxtail Lilies - tall architectural plants that are very attention seeking and found in Suburban Gardens, from which I take most of my inspiration.


I’ve never really thought about the personal wellbeing aspect of what I do, but without a doubt painting makes me happy. A day spent creating at my studio is definitely more ‘therapeutic’ than ‘work’.


I’m a glass designer and mostly known for my signature floral glass Splashbacks, which make a great alternative to kitchen and bathroom tiles. My complementary homewares include Meadow and Floral inspired glassware, with new designs launching soon (watch this space). I love my fun HomeGrown vegetable inspired trays; perfect for the garden.


Adding nature inspired designs into your interior is perfect for grey days when you’re stuck indoors or if you don’t have a garden. Decorating with nature brings its calming effects inside and gives a similar feeling to surrounding yourself with houseplants - which we know you’re a big fan of! Nature’s soft, organic shapes are familiar, reassuring and homely in interiors. 


Most nature inspired designs feature greens which are earthy, grounding and particularly good at the moment!  ‘Willow & Red Admiral’ from my GLASSHOUSE Collection is a good example. It’s a really zen design that looks great styled with your favourite houseplants and works at scale or for small spaces. My Splashbacks can feel like an extra window into the outside for enhanced wellbeing.


Across my range I also incorporate natures brights, known to be uplifting and joyful and definitely worth considering for your home too. 

Emma Brittton Willow & Red Admiral 4.jpg