Boost your wellbeing with bulbs

Plants really can make people happy. Making sure you have plenty of them in your garden will do you the world of good, physically and mentally. It’s not just growing plants which has a satisfying, therapeutic quality. It’s the whole process of choosing them, being outdoors in the fresh air surrounded by nature, knowing you’re keeping fit and healthy and at the same time creating something rewardingly beautiful to enjoy on days when you just want to chill out in a nice space.

Working on your garden is really a great form of self-care. In fact, there are so many ways that gardening can make you feel good, it’s no wonder that people consider it to be just the ticket for a calmer, healthier way of life.

Planting bulbs is such an exciting way to bring colour to the garden. It may be the anticipation that comes with planting something into the soil which you might not see again for a good few months – it’s planning ahead and provides something to look forward to.

You don’t even have to be outdoors to get a little lift from plants. Cosying up indoors, looking through plant ranges and planning some amazing combinations is one of the best ever rainy-day jobs – any plant lover can vouch for that. You have a vision in your mind and how lovely the colours, flowers and leaves will look together, then you can pat yourself on the back when they all start to pop up the next season!

Every year, you will learn something new about what you have planted, what worked and what didn’t. When it comes to horticulture, you never stop learning and that just makes it all the more satisfying. Every plant success gives you a happy moment every time you see it, and you just can’t wait to put your updated knowledge and confidence into practise and get even more creative in the year ahead.

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