Its fun its sun its Gin and tonic, that’s how I describe most of the blooms I love...

Hi my name is Kenny Raybould and I am a bit of a mixed bag of floral madness really. Horticulture has always been a part of me, my mum has always said “Kenny was born into the world with a packet of seeds in hand’ plants are my jam and they have always been my escape.  I have been very lucky to work in my line of work but it has been hard I won’t hide that, during my time as head of horticulture for Covent Garden I was always on the go creating and never sleeping it was mad and great fun, but now I find myself in Sunny Devon working just over the Tamar in Cornwall for St Mellion, In my new role I am at the start of project managing a brand new organic market garden which is total cool, being a part of the new way forwards with food production.

The benefits of plants are huge but very personal to every individual, sure we all know walking on grass reduces stress levels but the journey and relationships of plants is something truly personal to the individual after all we all experience things in different ways. We must remember plants sense and communicate we just need to stop long enough to pick up on this and that’s when the true magic happens, I liken it to understanding a family pet but to achieve this you must put yourself on the same level and not think you are above nature, nature isn’t keen on toxic masculinity. For me plants keep me grounded, they also talk with me. I know for me how ever hard times get or grey the world gets, spring will always return and plants will always be consistent in my life.

So I say get out there and make your garden bloom. Start with the front garden, plant flowers that smell nice, starting your day with something so simple but so uplifting will change your whole outlook for the day.

My top tips for funky floral fabulosity;

  1. To keep cut flowers blooming, place them in non-direct light, this extends the she lf life. Keep them cool and mist to keep up humidity, something like a gerbera should be in a tall vase in a cool location

  2. Planting pots more is more don’t be shy, use props such as painted twigs to add height. I always pick a point of height in a pot display and plant down from that point to give a more organised look.

  3. When buying plants for a display buy them before they bloom, we have a habit of buying bloom and in a matter of weeks the flowers have gone, pick the plant that still has some growing to do. Also picking plants with colourful foliage adds real depth to a pot display and continues the colour when the flowers have faded.



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