Born in the UK, Maggie is a trained aromatherapist, botanical stylist, creativity mentor, and holistic mental wellness coach with over 10+ years of experience in naturopathic practices.


Her passion is intentional community building, making holistic naturopathic mental health support more accessible to the community. 


Maggie takes pride in her mixed West-African heritage and is in constant search of African indigenous plant medicines and practices. FlowerTalk is based on Maggie’s belief that flowers not only communicate with other flowers and their pollinators but also with us humans for therapeutic reasons: flower therapy. Maggie firmly believes that for every human illness, there exists a plant in nature that is the cure.


Flower therapy is a method used by Flowertalk to connect people with the therapeutic powers of flowers and their essence to provoke mind wandering, which reduces mental fatigue and increases creativity. This can be done by using flowers as an art form for touch smell and visualization therapy. As a muse to enhance trusting and nurturing spaces for people to express vulnerability.


As well as being exposed to their medicinal healing benefits for mental & physical wellbeing. Exploring African botany and indigenous plant wisdom, moving beyond Western concepts for mental health solutions.

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Instagram @flowertalkofficial