Why I love plants;


Plants are a vital part of my well-being and journey to living a full and healthy life. Whether I am tending to my tropical houseplants or edible garden, I firmly believe that caring for plants not only serves as a spiritually enlightening activity to ground and regenerate, but also as an opportunity to connect with and give honor to what I feed myself, and my family.


Growing a garden and caring for plants is truly a holistic symbiotic relationship—I nurture them, and they nurture me in return. Through my garden,it is my hope to empower others to take control of their well-being through growing the very thing that sustains them... good, nutritious, food.

Recipe makes approximately 1 pint of fresh juice;

-8 whole carrots

-3 Gala or Honeycrisp apples

-½inch knob of ginger root

-2-inchknob of fresh turmeric root

Optional * One sugar beet



Chop up carrots,apples, and beets into medium sized pieces for easier juicing.

Put all ingredients into the juicer and enjoy right away or chilled. Fresh juice is best consumed within two days.


This is one of my favorite energy-boosting juice recipes! Its rich flavor and nutrient dense properties make it the perfect beverage at any time of day.


Root vegetables are a staple in my household, and a big factor for why I focus on growing a wide variety during the spring and fall. Though I frequently use sweet orange carrots, I occasionally like to shake this recipe up with sweet deep purple carrots, and sweet red beets.


Each of these vegetables carry great health benefits on their own, so when mixed together the combination is simply fantastic!


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