Gardening, for me, is absolutely vital to my mental health and wellbeing. In fact, all of the natural world helps to heal both mentally and physically.

Hello, I'm James, or to some, Jam the Garden Man.


Let me start at the beginning. I was a shy 7 year old kid who idolised my Grandfather.  I’d spend hours upon hours following him around his garden, watching, learning, taking it all in. I wanted to be just like him. While most of my friends were playing out on their bikes, I was in the greenhouse with Grandad, sowing seeds and growing plant’s. I credit my love for gardening and nature to him.


Then, in adulthood, my love for gardening kept getting stronger. I kept growing the same plants every year, in a little nod to my Grandad. I also started venturing out more and growing new and exciting things. I then realised, having plants around me makes my mind happy and non fuzzy. Having things that you need to tend to and nurture, gives you a sense of being needed.


I’ve always been quite shy when speaking, mainly due to a stutter I've had since childhood. I have day’s where I wouldn’t speak at all, due to the overwhelming fear of getting stuck on a word. But I could talk about plants without a single stammer. I could talk in depths about nature and gardening without getting stuck on a single word. Not only do I help my plants by watering them and feeding them, they help me by giving me the confidence to speak. People around me noticed the passion and happiness in my voice when I talk plants.


I fell in love with houseplants. Plants you surround yourself with all year round. Not only do they bring a touch of the tropics into your home, but they are super beneficial to purifying the air quality in your house. With so many beautiful choices and cultivar’s out there, finding your perfect houseplants has never been easier! I experiment with indoor terrarium’s and small aquatic gardens. Visually pleasing and always strikes up a conversation with guests, it still gives me joy knowing I can comfortably speak without crippling nerves taking over.

Plants, gardens and nature help me every day.

When it comes to tips, the only big one I always suggest is never be afraid to experiment and try new things. Always wanted a certain houseplant but scared you’ll kill it? Just get it and be happy! I’ve found my best achievements in the garden, have come from experimenting with new techniques. So, don’t stop yourself from buying those seeds, the rewards you get when you see your baby plants bloom into fantastic colour is such a joy.


Remember, if you're having a bad day, feeling a little off, or just needing a little break, go for a walk in the forest. Plant some seeds, find wildflowers or smell the blooms, let nature help to heal you.


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