Lazy Flora is an online plant shop that makes gardening hassle free. We like to remove all the bits of gardening and plant ownership that feel like a chore (going to the store, dealing with traffic/public transport), or confusing (how to choose the best plants for your home/garden), or just darn frustrating (e.g. matching a plant to the perfect planter) and leave just the bits that are super fun and satisfying (growing, potting up, learning about really cool plants).

I come from a family of plant lovers. My grandparents on both sides had gardens and grew vegetables and fruits of their own: I grew up running around allotments with muddy knees and strawberry juice dripping down my chin.

I’ve always felt a really strong need to be connected to nature. After being trapped into urban life by the need to be close to transport connections and jobs in order to have a respectable career, city life never felt natural to me. I thought that if I could have more plants in my life, that would help me feel better.

I started Lazy Flora because I found it really difficult to get beautiful plants onto my inner city balcony. I didn’t know which plants to choose, I didn’t know what would grow well, and I couldn’t afford a garden designer to tell me. There wasn’t anything that solved this problem quickly, reliably, easily. I wanted there to be a ‘Hello Fresh’ for plants, but nothing like it existed.

I cared enough about solving this problem to quit my job and start Lazy Flora, and we’re constantly striving to better deliver hassle-free gardening to our customers, and build their confidence with plants.

I love being around plants because they feel so calming and uplifting. I think everyone should have access to nature and be able to grow stuff.


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