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Life at No.27 is a social enterprise which provides gardening and wellbeing therapy to children and adults, struggling with mental ill health, isolation and low confidence, self-esteem.


We help people by:

Delivering programmes within schools and the local community across Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire, inspiring the next generation of gardeners. Supporting all ages from 5 –18 years old.

Developing and building our UK wide vision – creating bespoke allotment therapy sites and gardens to help change lives across the country, accessible through self-referral, GP’s, psychiatrists and local councils.

The first bespoke allotment therapy site opened in June 2020 in

Towcester Northamptonshire, where we provide free allotments and weekly support to those in need. Our second space, a walled garden in Brackley opened in December 2020, where we run an adults monthly gardening club, adult 1-2-1 support, after school clubs and holiday activity days.

Running National Growing for Wellbeing Week every year in June which provides free activity resources, events and gardening tips.


Quote from one of our fabulous and inspiring allotmenteers:

“Since gaining a small allotment at ‘Life at No.27’ my mental health and general well being has never been so good. The opportunity to work with a piece of land and turn it into a sustainable food source

has been fantastic. I have planted and sowed seeds and week by week watched them turn into a full meal for my family and I. It has given me head space and perspective which no medication could and

I am so grateful for this.”


A little bit more about the history of Life at No.27:

Life at No.27 began as a blog in 2015 by Annabelle Padwick, but following her personal journey and mental health recovery, it became the therapy organisation it is today. Annabelle, wanted to create a series of therapeutic programmes that were suitable for all ages and

easy to access. She trained in psychology, horticultural therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy, then started to build gardens and support others. Annabelle is also a passionate gardener, wellbeing

therapist, children’s author of ‘YOU CAN grow your own food’, magazine columnist for Kitchen Garden magazine and public speaker.

Annabelle is a patient adviser, champion and faculty member of the National Association of Primary

Care (NAPC) and NHS. As well as an Ambassador for Thrive, the National Charity which uses gardening to change lives.