Fortunate enough to be locked down at the family plant nursery, my personal need for the outdoors into sharper focus. I was not alone in resorting to growing plants and vegetables, nor was I alone in turning a walk in the great outdoors into an hour long red chair session with my therapist, Mother Nature. These global events drove vast swathes of the world to the soil and to growing. This was made all the more apparent with the closure of the nation’s Garden Centres. Being locked at home without access to one of our staple pastimes – plants and gardening – left the UK crying out for plants. Moreover, it left millions of plants risking the skip with nowhere for them to be sold.

We decided to pitch in, using our app and its users, combined with our knowledge of the industry, to help shift as many plants as possible direct from the growers. Amazingly we managed to get 55,000 plants out to plant-hungry people across the UK in the space of just a month and a half and donated thousands to the NHS in the process. What was striking, and perhaps more touching, were the responses we got. The reaction from recipients was nothing short of ecstasy – cementing my knowledge that plants are so much more than a hobby to so many people.

It was at this point that a short and sweet message was received from Jack Gillespie, who had been observing horticultural events from his (WFH) desk, working in the advertising industry. Jack had concocted his own idea on how to solve the plant drought and raise awareness for mental health at a time when it couldn’t be more important.

Jack’s furlough and our increasing plant sales led to a the formation of a subscription box that encompassed the values we mutually held dear.

Plants and nature are crucial, not only for our planet, but for us humans and our mental wellbeing. Mind, Body & Soil is a seasonal selection of plants and locally sourced produce designed to bring plant-based positivity into homes across the UK.

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