Hello to all my orchid and greenery lovers out there! My name is Terry, also known as "The Black Thumb," and I have been rescuing orchids for about 3 years.


I fell into my passion for orchids shortly after I found my first orchid, Penelope, at the dumpster of our apartment complex. She was in pretty rough shape, but I decided to take a chance that I could revive her. Fast forward 18 months and she bloomed in all her glory! As you can imagine, my love for orchids was cemented! 


This was a pivotal moment for me because I always saw myself as a "black thumb," in the traditional sense. Yet, Penelope taught me that a little knowledge, consistency, patience, and perseverance can go a long way in helping something reach its full potential. So I embarked on a journey to rescue and revive as many orchids as I could to bring a little beauty to the world and to prove that being called a "black thumb" does not mean you are not capable of creating beauty or cultivating life. 


If I'm being totally honest, I started this journey for the satisfaction of getting beautiful flowers to bloom. However, as I got deeper into this passion I realized that each of the orchids/plants in my collection provided just as much, if not, more care for me than I did for my plants. So in a way we created this unique symbiotic relationship that has provided me a safe space to unplug, recharge, and rejuvenate. My hope is that my passion for orchids will inspire others to engage in the wonders of orchid growing.


So, if you have an orchid and want to make sure it thrives you are in the right place. If you love seeing beautiful flowers/greenery, you are in the right place. Lastly, if you want positive vibes that bring joy, you are definitely in the right place! There is so much craziness in the world right now and I truly believe we can all benefit from some plant therapy.


Here are a few "Black Pearls of Wisdom" so your orchids will #KeepBlooming


1) Water consistently, thoroughly, and allow for good drainage (typically 1x/week). Use rain water if you can, your orchid will love you forever. 


2) Orchids are sun loving plants but prefer filtered sunlight. Try placing your next orchid in an East facing window.


3) Orchids are tropical plants and love humidity. Try using a humidifier or misting your leaves.

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