This was a challenging year for everyone and it seems huge amount of you decided to spend more time outside than ever - high five! 


Gardening is proven (yeah, there are papers on that) to be one of the greatest stress relievers and it's not only amazing for your mind but also for your body and social skills. Let's take a step further and talk 'organic' gardening. 


We keep seeing the word 'organic' everywhere these days but if it comes to the gardening it means nothing else than gardening without using synthetic fertilisers or pesticides, it's working with nature and using natural methods like companion planting, crop rotation, using home made fertilisers, green manure... It's a bit like back in the old days. Possibilities are endless and it's easier than it sounds, don't get worked up on terminology. 


Why to go 'organic'? Firstly, it is going to make you feel like a hero. I know, sound dull but... that's true! Slowly but surely you will start to notice increased amount of worms in the soil then more insects. You will start hearing birds, maybe you will even spot a spiky hedgehogs or a badger? Going organic helps the environment and boost biodiversity - you are really saving the world here! 


I'd like to draw the bigger picture... Please, imagine every household growing own organic food, flowers and trees. Focus on what you can see and how it makes you feel. It's beautiful, isn't it? Nature will never bore you, flowers will always make you smile, vegetables will always taste best when picked fresh from the garden. 


Did you notice that while you are pulling out weeds or doing some digging you are not thinking about your problems anymore? You are focused on 'now', you are not worried about things that make you anxious or things that you can not really change. Happiness is not a destination. Going organic won't make you instantly happy but by the positive action - you will give your brain a brake, your body will get stronger and cortisol levels will magically drop. 


Organic gardening will keep you sane, you will feel accomplished, grounded and at peace. It will help you understand your place on Earth better and appreciate the natural world. It helped me to find myself and it helped so many people out there. Isn't it worth to give it a shot?


As Shakespeare once said "The earth has music for those who listen" - take your time, focus on what's important, plant your favourite flowers, grow whatever makes you happy, it's not a competition, do what feels right. You can not go wrong about it. Trust yourself. You are a hero.

Loving experiments allotmenteer, growing whatever comes to her mind on two beautiful plots and few extra meters of a garden. Forager, bird watcher, occasional soap and natural skincare maker, big on fermenting and bit of a houseplant maniac - she is a bit of a character and has way too many interests ;)  Frustrated with 'greenwashing' and consumerism, just started working on a project 'Norwich grows' to spread the joy of organic gardening and helping wildlife in Norwich. 


Strongly believes that permaculture and urban growing are the future and that we need to help nature in any way we possibly can - before it's too late. 

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