Hi, I’m Cadmona, and I’m a proud plant parent! I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist and an educator. In addition to private practice, I teach, train and supervise graduate students in family therapy.

I love plants because they remind us of the complexities of life. We grow, evolve, change in non-linear ways. Plants require patience, care, appreciation, water and light. So do we! My plants are a great reminder to slow down and engage intentionally in creating a good life.


Plants, like people have different love languages. You have to give them what they need and not what you want.

Plants are a great reminder that you can’t rush the process. Yes, you can add light, water, and even fertilizer but the growth doesn’t show up overnight. The hard work takes time before we see the evidence of the new growth.

Plants aren’t perfect and we can’t expect them not to have flaws. But the flaws aren’t always evidence of doing something wrong. It’s important to remember that learning is part of the experience.


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