POP BOX - Lynne Evans

POP BOX evolved from my work in hospitals as a therapist running gardening and art groups. Originally it was designed for occupational therapists to use in their groups and to use in my workshops. I kept being asked to adapt it for general use so due to lockdown and the cancellation of all my courses POP BOX was born.

As an occupational therapist, we work with people who face serious, often life changing illnesses or injuries and the use of creative activities are often employed to help people adapt and cope with these.


Why do we include botanical art in our boxes?


Social Horticulture is a broad subject comprising of gardening, art, literature & wildlife conservation, I have used all of these activities in therapy groups. Art and gardening complement each and are good companions in a therapy tool kit. They help to enrich and extend activities which is how the therapy process works. Art is taught in schools so most people can draw on memories of a creative process which is beneficial when recovering from a serious illness or injury.Like gardening, art transcends generations, gender and ability and it can improve/maintain/develop hand writing, literacy skills, visual spatial skills and of course create social networks.

Most of all these activities in POP BOX use the hand, the heart and the head which can be a transformative experience! 

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