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  • Ellen Mary

My Plants of the year

We all know the RHS plant of the year award winner was Cercis canadensis 'Eternal Flame' because it's been in and on everything from social media to the printed press. Rightly so, it's a stunner BUT...

I really loved the Jacaranda mimosifolia ‘Bonsai Blue’ which was also shortlisted for the plant of the year 2021. This Jacaranda is perfect for a container, as a dwarf variety with gorgeous purple tubular flowers. It can be planted in a small garden for some tropical holiday vibes. I love it because it reminds me of the Mimosa's in warmer climates and even the Mimosa pudica, known as the sensitive plant because the foliage folds in when touched. It's so cool! 'Bonsai Blue' has foliage similar to ferns, can be pruned easily and does well in drought, so once established it will only need watering when it's dry or more so in containers as you would expect.

This year has been a weird year for vegetable growing. In Norfolk it rained A. LOT! The temperature was warm so humidity was high and blight took hold pretty fast. On top of that, the little sunlight meant some fruits and veg didn't ripen as well. Here's the next BUT...

Some of the more exotic plants thrived in the weather conditions and my two favourites were Cucumber 'Poonah Kheera' which is an heirloom variety from India. The skin is a rusty colour when it is ripe and looks like its actually over ripened, but its not! It can be harvested at any stage but wowzer to the taste when harvested bang on.

Another awesome harvest was the Achocha, which grows on a vigorous annual vine that looks really stunning. The leaf shape is gorgeous and the little white/cream flowers are loved by bees. The fruits hide in the foliage just like runner beans, and can be harvested small when they taste like cucumber or larger when they are a cross between a cucumber and a pepper. Cook them just like pepper and enjoy all of the homegrown nutrition.

Now, I never thought I would say that I love a Carnation or 'pinks'. They simply have never been my thing. Last BUT...

I was introduced to the Mini Carnation 'Pink Kisses'. With vibrant pink flowers, long lasting flowers and wonderfully fragrant flowers - I have simply fallen in love. We recorded some reels on Instagram for International Friendship Day with pink kisses so you can see them a whole lot more HERE.

Stand out plants for stand out gardens and stand out people - thats you :-)


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