After discovering the plastic microbead in 2016, which was the inspiration behind creating Purity, I decided to channel my passion for plants and nature and create an eco-friendly, plastic-free, and plant-based skincare brand. My passion for plants extends as far as our packaging, which is seed embedded and grows into flowers and plants. 

I love using plant-based ingredients in our products, because of their amazing health and beauty benefits. Why use something artificial or chemical-based, when there is a healthier and natural equivalent? 

There is something really beautiful about applying beauty products, knowing that have come from nature. Just like being in nature, natural products have a very positive impact on our mood and psychical health. 


A couple of my favourite beauty tips


1. Always use sunscreen! No matter the weather. 


2. Why exfoliating is so important. Applying skincare creams to unexfoliated skin, means the creams are applied to the barrier of dead skin cells, making your creams almost ineffective. Exfoliation removes the barrier of dead skin cells clogging the skin and uncovers fresh new cells. Applying your creams and lotions to freshly exfoliated skin is much more effective. 


3. Worry less, and be happier. Your smile is beautiful and will radiate so much happiness in the world.  

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Herbs for Home Beauty and Wellbeing - VIOLET BENNELL


When most people think of herbs, they usually think of cooking or teas. But another way I enjoy them is for some simple and reviving home beauty recipes. And let’s face it, right now we could all do with a bit of pampering! Herbs have been used by humans throughout history and utilising them in this pure form helps you to feel more connected and grounded to nature. 


Herb infused oil is a great way to start and it’s really simple to make. It’s a great base to many beauty recipes, I also love adding a few drops of it to the bath as it fills. 


Herb infused oil


100ml olive or sunflower oil


A handful of fresh or dried herbs: 


Rosemary - invigorating and anti-inflammatory 


Mint - revitalizing and calming 


Sage - antiseptic and invigorating 


Lavender - calming and uplifting 


  1. Gently warm your oil in a thick saucepan, then add the herbs.

  2. Warm through on a very very low heat for an hour. 

  3. Strain out the herbs and store in a sealed container somewhere cool and out of direct sunlight. It should last for a few months. 


Herb infused coconut oil body scrub 


25g coconut oil 


10ml herb-infused oil (see above) 


100-125g sea salt or granulated sugar 


10 drops of essential oils (optional - for an extra kick) 


  1. Mash the coconut oil with a fork until soft, add a herb-infused oil of your choice and stir.

  2. Gradually work in the sea salt/sugar until combined. Add essential oils if required. 

  3. Transfer into a jar with a tight-fitting lid and get ready for a wonderful shower scrub! 

Green tea and chamomile facial spritz 


Green tea is high in polyphenols, a large group of plant-based chemical compounds that help maintain your body’s health. It’s good for your skin and helps to protect it from environmental pollutants. 

For this reason, it's great in a facial spritz, combined with soothing chamomile and astringent witch hazel. This is a lovely pick-me-up, giving you a burst of herbal goodness in those most needed moments. 


3 tsp green tea 


2 tsp dried chamomile flowers 


1 dessert spoon distilled witch hazel 


500ml hot water 


  1. Place water in a heat resistant bowl, add the green tea and chamomile. 


  1. Infuse for 15 mins. 


  1. Strain and allow to cool. When cold, add the distilled witch hazel and pour into a spritzer bottle. 


  1. Store in the fridge if possible for a refreshing toner to pep you up throughout the day! 


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading some of my favourite herbal beauty recipes! I’m Violet and I run Superb Herbs. We aim to spread the many uses and stories that herbs have to tell and encourage everyone to grow herbs at home. I’d love to know how you get on making these or chat herbs more with you, so do get in touch or follow me on socials: