After discovering the plastic microbead in 2016, which was the inspiration behind creating Purity, I decided to channel my passion for plants and nature and create an eco-friendly, plastic-free, and plant-based skincare brand. My passion for plants extends as far as our packaging, which is seed embedded and grows into flowers and plants. 

I love using plant-based ingredients in our products, because of their amazing health and beauty benefits. Why use something artificial or chemical-based, when there is a healthier and natural equivalent? 

There is something really beautiful about applying beauty products, knowing that have come from nature. Just like being in nature, natural products have a very positive impact on our mood and psychical health. 


A couple of my favourite beauty tips


1. Always use sunscreen! No matter the weather. 


2. Why exfoliating is so important. Applying skincare creams to unexfoliated skin, means the creams are applied to the barrier of dead skin cells, making your creams almost ineffective. Exfoliation removes the barrier of dead skin cells clogging the skin and uncovers fresh new cells. Applying your creams and lotions to freshly exfoliated skin is much more effective. 


3. Worry less, and be happier. Your smile is beautiful and will radiate so much happiness in the world.  

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