We now know that gardening helps with anxiety and improves mood, reducing stress levels and generally giving us a nice warm fuzzy feeling, imagine if we were helping wildlife too, that fuzzy feeling could get a whole lot lovelier!


We believe that if we can all better use whatever space we have available to us (whether a back garden, balcony, window box or little patio) we can have a hugely beneficial impact on our local ecosystems and our well-being.


Growing wildflowers and putting in some wildlife friendly habitats has the potential to bring joy on a daily basis. 


Some easy wildlife friendly ideas:

Nature needs water, a small insect drinking station is an easy thing to implement, fill a shallow saucer with marbles or pebbles for bees knees to balance on and keep topped up with fresh water.


Sow some wildflower annuals in your borders such as cornflowers or poppies, these will flower in their first year and you can collect the seeds to sow again. Biennials such as oxeye daisy and foxgloves are loved by insects too and look beautiful in any garden.


A super simple way to help feed the bees is to join the #nomowmay and #everyflowercounts movement by simply not mowing your lawn in May allowing wildflowers like clover, daisies and selfheal to flower producing lots of nectar! Why not allow part of your lawn to grow long all year? Have fun with it, by making a path or shaped area. 


Dedicate an area as a wildflower patch, then every time something pops up in the wrong place you can move it to your designated wildlife area. Remember a weed is just a plant in the wrong place! We have done this at the allotment and it brings us such joy and so many wonderful pollinators and garden-friendly predators to the space.


A shady spot can become a woodland area or stumpery, just add some old stumps or a logpile, with ferns and bulbs to provide early nectar and shelter for insects. 


Insect hotels can provide an excellent area for popping all those bits of garden waste that are too big for the compost heap. Hollow stems, seed heads, bundles of twigs, cones and dead leaves can be inserted into a structure such as old shelves or a wine box, as long as it has a roof to keep the rain out. 


Even a tiny space can bring joy. Our mini-meadow pots contain everything you need to grow your own little piece of paradise. Three eco-friendly bamboo pots with saucers, coir compost and wildflower seeds. Choose between Garden meadow, Butterfly Patch or Bee Friendly.


As a gift from us, use the code: ELLENMARY when purchasing the meadow pots to receive a 10% discount.


Incorporating wildflowers like the pretty yellow Birdsfoot trefoil into your space, will help rare butterflies like the silver-studded blue and wood white which use it as a food source for their caterpillars. Red and white clovers will flower all summer long and will be buzzing with life. Wild marjoram is another favourite of bees and butterflies, 


Find all these wildflowers in our mixes. Seedballs are super easy to use, compost aids germination, chilli powder deters pests and clay holds them together, just scatter where you’d like them to grow and add water. 


We hope you enjoy growing and watching the love that you give to nature coming right back at ya!


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