Stoned & Hammered is my adventure into creating beautiful, unique pieces of  jewellery that are a little bit different but at the same time both flattering and wearable. I work mostly with silver and gold and spend a lot of time investigating and searching for unusual, natural gemstones and pearls to compliment the designs. 


Growing up in Norfolk I was immersed in horticulture from an early age and then worked for many years with nurseries, gardens and growers. From muddy fields to stunning formal gardens and the grandeur of  Chelsea has a clear influence on so many of my designs. I have created poetic versions of plants and blossoms that have been inspired by hedgerows and gardens and recreated those ideas into the drape of a necklace or unusually textured ring. Almost everything I make has its roots based upon plants.


There are few things in life as therapeutic and good for the heart and soul than taking a walk through natural surroundings, whatever the weather and discovering a hidden flower, beautiful leaf or spotting an unusual tree. Often this is where my inspiration begins and where the raw materials for making jewellery are found. I use locally gathered acorns, seeds and leaves to produce unique, natural, etched or embossed textures onto my silver before hammering and curling it to become part of a verdant earring or necklace. Wearing a piece of my jewellery with a tactile acorn cup, wavy jewel encrusted seaweed or a bark texture is a connection back to to a stroll in the woods, sitting with wet toes on a sandy beach or a moment watching the bees with a cup of tea in your garden.

Stoned & Hammered is a beautiful real life shop where you can browse and try on jewellery.

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