Producer, host, urban gardener, nature lover, founder of She considers herself spiritually connected to the environment and one of her primary goals is to make a self sufficient lifestyle with zero waste practical for our society.



Feeding my family healthy meals inspired us to garden, which inspired us to collect rainwater and find other ways to conserve water.

That turned into so much more, including wanting to learn more about Mother Earth and what keeps her healthy.

It didn't take long to see how much our health and environment is affected by our lifestyle choices.

We put lot a of responsibility on corporate organizations but we can solve these problems so much faster if the community plays a role.

One major component is how we get our food.

On average in the U.S., food is transported between 1,500 and 2,500 miles to reach the consumer, just one reason urban gardening is so important. It lowers our carbon footprint in so many ways, including cleaning our air. It also encourages a healthier diet and helps our wallets, among so many other benefits!

Bottom line, nature doesn't create these problems because she's self sufficient. She builds, and then composts her waste down without hurting the environment.

So mimicking nature became the guiding principle of!

If we can do it in the desert, we can do it anywhere! And just by living and sharing this self sufficient lifestyle, we attack these issues and face tomorrow's problems today.

It's even more timely now, with COVID 19 causing fear of food shortages and many people not wanting to leave home… even for the grocery store.

Controlling exactly what we're putting in our body's is a bonus.



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