When I discovered the amazing power that embracing a ‘growing lifestyle’ has to positively change your life I became passionate about sharing this joy with others.  At Urban Herbs it is a pleasure to promote and introduce so many people to new and exciting varieties of herb, to see their reaction to the aroma and flavour of Strawberry Mint or Blackcurrant Sage.  It is also a delight to use the platform that Urban Herbs affords me to share this incredibly positive message.  Growing things is great for your wellbeing.

Once you embrace a relationship with growing things you will find yourself embracing seasonal change and the new flavours that the changing season provides.  You will find delight in the ‘quiet moments’ within the growing season – rainy days listening to a podcast or sunny days enjoying the growing space that you have created.  It is a hobby that promotes gentle, regular exercise and engagement in your personal environment and furnishes you with amazing flavours to experiment with.

Herbs are magical plants.  Their sensory qualities have an ability to transport you back to happy memories or forwards to thinking about cocktail parties and delicious dinners yet to come.  Their aroma can fill your senses.  Even the sound of the wind blowing through Bronze Fennel is so incredibly soothing.  When the many varieties of ornamental Thyme or Blackcurrant Sage explode into flower they instantly transform your growing space and mentally take you away from whatever seemed important only moments before.

I firmly believe that every growing space needs a sensory area in which you can allow the pace of life to slow, your cares fall away as you embrace the amazing aromas of fragrant herbs.
Embracing this ‘growing lifestyle’ has transformed my life.  I am confident that it can transform yours too.




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Growing up we were surrounded by women who loved to garden. Both our grandmothers enjoyed gardening, as did our Mum and her sister. Our family gardens were always packed full of plants and a riot of colour.

It wasn’t until we both got our own gardens that we realised we had inherited the gardening gene. Neither of us had been particularly interested as we grew up, but clearly there had been some kind of osmosis going on as we had a vague notion of the seasons, when to plant things and what to

expect at certain times of the year!

For both of us our gardens became our havens of calm, away from the madness and stresses of our jobs. Stepping into the garden at the end of the day, or a busy week, would often be all that was needed to switch off. Mindful deadheading, weeding, potting-on and watering were hugely beneficial in creating calm in our busy lives. The pandemic we all find ourselves living through, has enforced the beneficial effects of being in the garden and we are both hugely grateful for our outdoor space.


Our path to creating the Poddy & Black gardening shoes started when Vanessa cut down an old pair of leaking gardening wellies and created the shape of our popular Half Cut shoe, clipping flowers to the top with a clothes peg! This is how the idea for the “Poddy” accessory was born, all our footwear has one, so that the wearer can add flowers from the garden and customise them into something as individual as they are! Not necessary of course, but certainly a bit of floral fun!


Poddy & Black is relatively young, we started in 2019, and it’s still just the two of us with the help of a shoe designing friend who brings our ideas to life. Since then, we have met lots of like-minded women who have needed something stylish, colourful and practical to wear outdoors, for whatever

purpose, and we are delighted that the feedback we are getting is so positive!


We hope we will get to do some of the shows this year, and although RHS Malvern Spring has been cancelled we are optimistic for RHS Tatton and Malvern Autumn. If you visit either of these, do come

along and say hello, we love a chat!