It might be cold outside, but that doesn’t mean there’s no planting to be done! Winter is a brilliant time to start off any bareroot plants, they’ll establish much easier than during the warmer summer months. However, today I’m going to give you some quick winter container fixes, which give colour from the very moment you plant them!


So, it’s winter and plants are growing more slowly. This is great though, because it means you can squeeze more into your patio pots, without worrying that they’ll become overcrowded. I overplant spectacularly with my winter pots, as you’ll see from the photos!


First up, think about the type of container you’ll use. The larger the better, although not so large that you can’t lift it! However, more volume of compost means they won’t dry out as often. Not such a concern in the winter, but could be if you’re planting up in spring or summer.


Compost? Now, I would always recommend spending as much as you can afford. The better the quality of your compost, the happier your plants will be. Sometimes we use inferior, dare I say cheap, composts and they really aren’t up to the mark. Worse part is, you blame yourself when the plants then fail! :(


When planting, you can also mix up a bit of mycrrohizal fungi to your soil mix, there’s a few branded ones out in the marketplace to choose from. This will feed the roots and ensure your plants have access to all the goodness that’s already in the soil.


In terms of plants, I’d recommend letting your imagination run wild! I’m not shy about mixing up perennials with annuals, or sneaking into the shrub section to see what I can play with! Remember you’re planning a container to look good for a couple of seasons, not a couple of years. Time to relax the planting rules just a little.


You’ll see from my photos how I like to design with plants, and you can have so much fun with this. Try and achieve balance with a thriller (main star plant of the container), filler (accent plants which are light and fluffy and fit into gaps), and spiller (the natural trialing plants which will clothe the side of your pot)!


Hopefully my photos will give you a bit of inspo when it comes to bringing some cheer to your garden or outdoor space, can’t wait to see what you can create!



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