Hello! I’m Lucy Newport, a yoga teacher and new (but enthusiastic!) gardener...

Where it all started

I grew up in the Forest of Dean, in a home that backed onto the woods and with parents who gardened, growing us lots of fruit and veggies. How lucky was I?! 


I didn’t realise this until I moved to London and became more nature deprived, understanding just how important nature is for our wellbeing. 

Burn out and discovering yoga 

In my early and mid-20s, I worked within the music industry and then in fashion. During this time I struggled with the pressures and fast-pace of London life and developed a chronic anxiety disorder. 

This is when yoga entered my life and, alongside meditation and breathing techniques, gave me tools to help deal with stress and anxiety, as well as healing a bad back I’d had since a teenager.


Over time my practices also helped to bring me back to my connection with nature. After all, we are all a part of nature and there is no getting away from this!

When gardening found me

About 3 years ago I was hit with a sudden urge to grow things. It just felt “right”, like something I had to do. Since then I’ve been experimenting with growing vegetables, fruit and herbs from my London patio. 


The awe and excitement of planting a seed, giving it water and love and watching it grow is unbeatable!  To then harvest and eat something that grew before you really opens your eyes to the magic of nature and the intricacy of how our world works. 

Putting it all together 

It was impossible for my love of nature to grow without wondering what I could do to help look after our planet. This, coupled with wanting to share the tools that have supported me so much, lead towards the creation of Cultivate, an online programme for desk workers at sustainable organisations. 


Each month in Cultivate we focus on a theme: an aspect of the body or mind that can be impacted by spending much time sat indoors, working at a desk and the stresses this can bring. We have carefully chosen yoga, meditation, breathing techniques and other beneficial practices that work together to help our members feel happier and healthier, month by month. 


We love to help people give back to the planet so each month we plant a tree for every user and plant trees for each live class attendee. We also donate 5% profits to environmental charities.

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Contact Lucy:

Website: www.livinggreenyoga

Instagram: @livinggreenyoga