I grew up eating and HATING my parent's home-grown runner beans, marrows and turnips. I actually only got into gardening since moving to this house in Northern Ireland where I was faced with a large and unusual shaped garden.


After a few years of successfully killing plants through horrific drownings, posionings, accidental beheadings etc., something finally clicked. 


Since lockdown, I realised that I am in LOVE with gardening. I read every magazine, binge every gardening programme and read all the books I can find. I've also been reading a lot about the soil and the microbes that help power our plants, and become a bit of a fanatic. I've found that improving the wellbeing of my plants has improved my wellbeing. I get such joy from knowing I'm nurturing the soil and feeding my plants. 


These days you can usually find me pottering happily in the garden making stinky concoctions with the kids, or brewing up some protozoa soup from grass clippings. 


Now my parents laugh when I gush lovingly about my tiny peas or the single curly courgette that has survived the slugs.   

Zero waste tips;

If you’re looking to steer clear of plastic containers and synthetic fertilisers, why not make your own. All you need are weeds!


Comfrey or nettles are perfect. Just steep them in a bucket, like a cup of tea, for 3-4 weeks, and drain the liquid into a bottle. Then dilute 1:10 parts water and feed your plants. Fruit bearing plants love comfrey and nettle is great for a nitrogen boost. Your plants will thank you for the organic nourishment too!


Or... if you have any leftover peat free compost bags, use them as liners for raised beds or scrunch them up to add at the bottom of large pots to provide extra drainage.


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