Green Leaves
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A Little About Me

It's ALL about Gardening

I am totally honoured to be listed in the 5 women influencers in horticulture by Grow Your Own Magazine.

I have been a garden lover since I was a child, enjoying my parents Norfolk kitchen garden & learning organic gardening methods from my Uncle.

I am a gardener, author, broadcaster, co-host of the plant based podcast and radio show host, promoting the wellbeing benefits of gardening, plants and the natural world. I write a regular column in Grow Your Own Magazine and my first book The Joy of Gardening; the every day zen of mowing the lawn, was released in May 2021 and my second book How to Grow a Garden was release in July 2022. I have horticulture training, many years of gardening experience, social and therapeutic horticulture, cognitive behavior therapy and wellness coaching.

I provide talks at shows, events and international corporations about gardening, nature and how we are connected together, plus plants and gardening for physical and mental health wellbeing. Before working in horticulture, I was a chartered business manager working in human resources for mainly construction and architectural practices. This background has undoubtedly helped me to work with people and plants for the common good.

I have appeared on WCNC USA, BBC Countryfile Diaries, BBC News, Mustard TV, featured in The Times, Express and Telegraph newspapers and filmed with the Royal Horticultural Society plus many more and speak at shows including RHS Chelsea, Malvern, Wisley, Chatsworth, Hampton, Tatton, GROW Scotland, GLEE, BLOOM Dublin, The Big Retreat and The Handmade Festival.

My media work is important to me and great fun but complimenting that, I am a freelance content creator and copy writer, having written hundreds of articles for horticultural organisations and brands including blogs, digital SEO copy, running social media accounts and much more in the UK, Europe and USA.

I’m an Ambassador for Trees for the Future, Patron of Filby Gardening Club and work with horticultural charities to connect people with plants. My own gardening style is a no dig, veganic and I am plant based so my whole world is based around plants!