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Creating Memory Containers

When you create plant displays why not design them with memories in mind? This is a fun demo/talk with participation if required by everyone involved. It has wellness at the core and is interactive, interesting and informative. More info in the press on my memory containers HERE.


Guided Forest

Bathing Walk

Deeply engage with the natural world, find magic in the trees, peace and calm in a woodland environment. And yes - we will be hugging trees as well! Finishing with a tea ceremony. This is a walk for wellness and can be for various lengths and tailored to suit your needs.

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Plants & Nature for


This talk explores how both plants and nature overall help our physical and mental health wellbeing. Enjoy some interesting facts and research about how we are connected to the natural world, including earthing, forest bathing and the wellbeing benefits of gardening. It's a fun, relaxed talk but with a serious message. Tree hugging is involved!



Houseplants for


During this talk discover the wellbeing benefits of growing houseplants, how to care, connect and spend mindful time in the home for positive wellbeing. Look at the types of plants perfect for different positions, clean air and biophilic design plus learn the ancient art of placing your houseplants in position for positive energy, good luck and abundance.



Things You Can

Do With Plants

If you want to know what to do with the plants and food that you grow - this is the talk/demo for you. Depending on the season, I can talk you through or make with you all kinds of things you can do with plants. Think natural home decor, dyes and medicinal concoctions. We might make snacks, pictures and take homes but mostly it will be fun and amazing to find out all the fun things you can do with plants. 

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Indoor and Outdoor

Edible Plants

Did you know Dahlias are edible? Did you know there are flowers that can miraculously change the colour of your cocktails? Or plants that will tickle your tongue? And not only that, but some are houseplants! 

In this talk, I will surprise you with some of the most fun plants that you can eat, drink and be merry!



How to Grow a Garden

Based on my new book titled 'How to Grow a Garden' I take the audience on a journey through the gardening year, especially for beginner gardeners. Covering topics such as how to decode a plant label, basic botany, sowing/growing, growing food, cut flowers, all size spaces and positive environmental practices with lots of tips and takeaways. 



Growing Food for a 

Plant Based Diet

There are many ways to grow your own food to help ensure you are getting the nutrition and variation a plant based diet can provide. I talk through seasonal produce, growing tips and even some plant based recipes which can be made with homegrown harvests.


Great British Gardens

A talk for US gardening clubs and events or for gardening clubs anywhere who would like to take a visual walk around some of the most beautiful British gardens.


Take a walk around some of the most well known and loved gardens and flower shows of Great Britain including a rich variety of photographs and videos. You'll feel like you've been there yourself.

Gardens of the 


A visual

tour of outstanding gardens and planting from my travels including Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania, Phoenix Botanical Garden and the New York High Line to name a few. If you haven't had the chance to go, this talk will take you on a walk as if you were there yourself.

* this can be expanded to talks from around the world including Europe, UAE, Australia and Asia.

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