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The Plant Based Podcast 

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Listen in fortnightly to me & my partner in plants, Michael Perry (Mr. Plant Geek) chatting worldwide to people who love plants.


From plant based food to flowers for bees & everything in-between, it’s a podcast exploring the fascinating world of plants and the people that love them!

The Plant Based Podcast hit number 1 in the hobbies category on iTunes after just a few days of release! 

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Series 4


To celebrate the start of our new series, sponsored by Cobra Garden Machinery, we put together our top 6 star plants for you. 

Michael is getting busy with the Lizzies and I just can't resist flirting with a forget me not.

Read our list below.

Michael Perry
Ellen Mary

My top 3 plants, really is a moving target! I could give you a different answer every day of the week. But, here goes... let me tell you my 3 must-grow plants:


1. Primula Belarina


If you didn’t think you like primroses, then think again. These are totally beautiful, and the flowers are as extravagant as anything. 


Belarina is a fantastic cool season plant, but you’ll also find they bloom almost all year round in cool conditions. I visited the breeding programme recently, and the flowers are getting bigger and better with each year that passes, I’m particularly looking forward to the new orange varieties coming soon! Flowers also have a honey fragrance!


Plants are great for well-drained soil in sun or dappled shade. These plants can breathe new life into rockeries, are excellent in windowboxes, or underplanted around trees, just like they are beneath my birch right now!


2. Nandina (Sacred Bamboo)


I love these plants so much, I could sit and stare at them for hours. It is an amazing shrub, and looks great all year round. There’s always something going on with Nandina!


An excellent plant for any border; spring forage is crisp and fresh, they sit looking laced and lovely all summer, then the autumn colours come, and then finally... winterberries.


It’s strange, because Nandina is really not that invasive in our European conditions, but friends from further afield see it as an invasive shrub. It proves that one man’s weed is another mans prized specimen!



3. Sunpatiens (Giant Busy Lizzie)


I had to include a bedding plant, didn’t I? These are the BIG Busy Lizzies, which are hybridised between the traditional ones, and the new guinea ones. They are strong, resilient, and the plants are huge and bulky.


Unlike traditional types, they are great for sun or shade! The colours are unashamedly vibrant too! You’ll want to grow these every year.

Asking a plant addict what their favourite plants are, is a crazy question! I continuously change my mind but there are a few that always pop up;


1. Forget-me-nots (Myosotis)


I rarely see this one on favourite plant lists but it's a fabulous and easy plant to grow. The pretty blue flowers, and sometimes pink and white, glow in the evening light and are look great in spring pots or even growing in the cracks of pavements and alongside the edges of pathways.

If you sow seeds in early autumn they will flower the following year and if in the right conditions, once you have Forget me nots, you will always have them. That's one thing I love. They just spring up again and those little pretty flowers always surprise and delight.

Bees love them and they can often be found in pollinator friendly seed packs.



2. Rose 'Etoile de Hollande'


If you love Roses or looking for a new climber, this one is an absolute stunner. The fragrance is second to none and can be smelt down the road. It has large wonderful red flowers and climbs high up a wall, perfect at the side of a house where you will walk by each day to enjoy the fragrance and total romance of the rose.

It'll thrive in full sun (definitely not a North facing wall) but isn't fussy about the soil type and if you plant over the winter period you can grab a bargain bare root and settle it in before the growth in spring.



3. Sedum 'Atlantis'


If easy growing is your thing, this award winning stunner will not fail you and will surprise you all in one. The green and yellow fleshy foliage is stunning and as it matures the edges even have a slightly pinkish tinge.

Planted with other succulents and cacti, it provides so much interest, and is really very tolerant of low temperatures. The little yellow star flowers are also lovely.