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  • Ellen Mary

Great green Christmas gift ideas for plant lovers

Are you looking for something special for the green-fingered loved ones in your life? Perhaps you know someone who’s planning to pick up a healthy hobby in the new year. Whatever the case, a green-themed gift is a gift of gardening joy.

The perks of gardening are clear to see, with 87% of people with access to gardens reporting saying that discovering their greenfingers during the COVID-19 lockdowns benefitted their mental health. Demand for allotments also boomed and has remained strong through 2023, with the number of people waiting for a space almost doubling in the last 12 years.

There are plenty of different paths you can go down to find the perfect gardening gifts for Christmas.Here's some ideas for your favourite plant lover below.

Plants and seeds

Plants and seeds are an easy option and one you can tailor to their level of experience and enthusiasm.

A vibrant houseplant could help them bring a touch of nature in to the home and options like snake plants, peace lily and parlour palms are all super tough and low maintenance. Or if they’re a keen cook, you could even start them off with a small kitchen windowsill herb garden.

Alternatively, take things up a level with a collection of seeds that suit their space and tastes. Sweet peas are perfect for spring for example - as are salads, brassicas and beans.

Pots and planters

Perhaps your gift receiver already has their own plants but could do with some pots to display them in. Decorative ceramic pots and hanging planters make for eye-catching interior accessories, while a planter could help bring their outdoor space to life.

Visual appeal is key of course, but don’t overlook functionality. Pots should provide proper drainage and be a suitable size for their plant residents, so make sure your gift supports healthy growth.

Gardening equipment and clothing

Another benefit of gardening is how physically active it can be, especially when tending to larger outdoor plots. It can be tough on skin and joints so you could kit your recipient out with some suitable equipment and clothing.

Premium hand tools make basic tasks such as planting and trimming easier, while gloves, hats and sturdy footwear are essential fashion choices. You could also opt for a kneeling mat to help them work at plant level in greater comfort.

Garden ornaments

If they’ve already got the key ingredients and kit above, you could opt for a new ornament or feature to bring extra charm to their outdoor space.

Decorative items such as statues and wind chimes can add a sense of playfulness, for example. Or if you think they’d like to welcome more wildlife, a bird feeder can attract local birds as well as insects and other wildlife.

Have any of these ideas planted a seed in your mind? Whatever you choose, a green gift is sure to help your relationship blossom!


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