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  • Ellen Mary

The Foodie Bag

You know I love to take and post photographs of plants, gardens and anything nature related online. More recently I have also been taking photographs of the yummy food I have been making with produce from my allotment and basically any plant based food that is easy to make. Until I started trying to take photos of plates of food, I had never appreciated how very difficult it is! No wonder there are courses specifically for food photography.

I was thinking how to capture some great food and plant photos without spending a fortune on equipment and having to take a course - because I really dont have time - and now having got to grips with how my Nikon DS3500 works I posted some plant based recipes to my social media accounts. Seems you folks really love to see tasty and easy recipes full of plants. So firstly, I really appreciate you liking and commenting on the posts. You can find some HERE.

So as I mulled over my dilemma about ensuring I could post top notch photos so you can see just how colourful plant based dishes are, I was gifted a Foodie Bag from the Paper Bag Co. I really didn't know what to expect but when I opened it up, I realised my amateur photography dreams just came true!

The stylish and super useful canvas bag comes with pockets and dividers with a 5 in 1 pop up reflector, a set of useful postcards with photography tips AND 4 photographic backdrops. When I had flattened the backdrops (they come rolled up in a tube to keep them safe), I began to take some photos of a herbal tea for practice which you'll see on my socials very soon. The addition of the reflectors and instructions hugely helped and I am so pleased with the results already.

The foodie bag is in collaboration with phone photographer Matt Inwood and stylist Sophie Purser so if you have a love of food and plants with a splash of passion for photography, I highly recommend the foodie bag to up level your photography. Find out more at:

Don't forget to tag your food bag photos with #TheFoodieBag and tag me in, as I'd love to see them.


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