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  • Ellen Mary

What a gardener likes

As a gardener, there is always a new gadget or tool on the market. Maybe even new gardening clothes and accessories. It’s hard to resist the temptation to upgrade every tool in the shed, especially when visiting garden and flower shows where there are always some super new tools available. I was trying to think of the one tool I use most - Spade? Fork? Hand trowel? Hard to decide and most definitely depends on the time of the year. At the moment I seem to have a hoe attached to my arm!

However, the one piece of gardening equipment that I do use all year no matter what the weather is my wheelbarrow. I’ve had one on the allotment and it gets over worked, over loaded and under respected. So by the time the wheel collapsed and I couldn't get my barrow full of manure down the path to the plot, I knew it was time to take my old friend to the tip and treat myself to a new one.

I really needed that wheelbarrow and with little time to actually go shopping to find one, I ordered one online from I choose myself a nice new Sealey wheelbarrow that you can see HERE. It arrived two days later in the most enormous box and we put it together in no time.

I cannot tell you how pleased I am with it. Strong and sturdy, I think this one will stand the test of time (at least a lot longer than my last). For a little bit of fun, we filmed my first try of the wheelbarrow and you can watch the short video HERE.

Now I know some of you are thinking - why on earth am I so happy about my new wheelbarrow…because I am a gardener thats why!

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