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  • Ellen Mary

Blooming Bressingham Gardens

Mid June, umbrella packed and rain jacket on as I found my way to Bressingham Gardens near Diss in Norfolk to meet with the owner Adrian Bloom to film for Mustard TV. After a walk around, the sun came out to play and finally we were able to enjoy some summer sunshine for the day.

Wowzers! What a garden. From The Dell to the Foggy Bottom garden which is actually nothing to do with the fog or its position - it's named after Adrians travels to North America - the array of plants was totally amazing. Incredible use of firs and conifers which worked wonderfully well with perennials and other trees and shrubs. Giant Redwoods towering above the gardens, all with a story (sown from seed by Adrian himself) to herbaceous beds in front of the hall (now available for hire and a converted barn for events) which were created by Alan Bloom, Adrians late father. Each cleverly designed with taller plants in the middle meaning all supported themselves without the need for staking. I particularly enjoyed the clever use of colourful planting to create areas looking like rivers.

I really enjoyed Adrian's tales of his adventures in North America and the garden definitely had a touch of that influence. He is a fountain of knowledge on perennials and conifers, having written numerous books, two of which Adrian kindly gave me - I love my job!

If you've been to Bressingham Gardens before, they've changed greatly over recent years so its worth a trip back again. If you've never been before, then you are in for a lovely surprise! If you'd like to take a look at the video, click HERE

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