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  • Ellen Mary

Fairhaven woodland & water garden

Tucked away in Norfolk by the broads, sits Fairhaven Woodland and Water Gardens. Not only mentioned in the doomsday books but also played a role in training our home guard during World War II. It’s a beautiful woodland area, full of inspiration for shady planting and well know for the Candelabra Primulas in Spring time. More recently, a new Hydrangea walk has been a colourful addition to the already beautiful gardens.

I visited in June for Mustard TV and the garden was very lush, green and fragrant. Just as the Rhododendrons were finishing their flowering period, the Gunnera was in full, alien like growth and I spotted numerous wild orchids, always a pleasure to find.

As we’ve had a huge deluge of June rain, the water levels were high and the water was murky but I am told the water is usually beautifully clear which is enticing enough to go back again.

At the end of the gardens an opening takes you to a breathtakingly serene view of the private broad. On a sunny day when the water is calm it’s simply beautiful. I should expect even on a rough day, it’s most likely quite atmospheric. There is a boat trip available over to the historic ruins of St. Benets Abbey. And after you’ve done all of that, there is of course coffee and cake.

Well worth a visit!

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