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  • Ellen Mary

Robin the Rhino Greenhouse

Oh to have a greenhouse! Every year our windowsills are full of seed trays, much to both mine and my husbands annoyance - but needs must. Outside, I used to have a remarkable amount of pots, containers and grow bags all over the patio…much to the slugs delight. A greenhouse has always been on the cards, but without enough room in the garden (or so we thought) it wasn't really a possibility.

Then I visited Rhino Greenhouses near Attleborough in Norfolk to film for Mustard TV. Greenhouses made in the UK, Norfolk no less which were rumoured to be incredibly strong and very beautiful. I had a tour of the factory, heard all about their awards, met some of the team and planted up a hanging basket (couldn’t resist). From that day on, it was my mission to get a Rhino Greenhouse in sage green (yes there are some fabulous colours). A while later, we cleared a small space in the garden and managed to comfortably fit in a 6’x7’. Happy days!

The service from Rhino has been second to none and I simply can’t fault any part of my beloved Greenhouse (fondly named Robin by my friends over on Garden Tags). I spend a lot of time in there, so much so, my hubby has bought me a magnetic mobile case so when my hands are dirty I can still use my mobile!

Robin has some beautiful staging including a potting bench, seed racks, hanging basket hooks, shelving, pipes for a water butt, louvres, blinds, capillary matting and automatic vents. It’s just awesome.

What I have been most impressed with is how there is a distinct change of season in the greenhouse, just as the garden. From Spring when we had it fitted, Robin was full to the brim of seed trays and pots full of seedlings. As they have been potted on or transplanted, the greenhouse is now full of healthy, strong tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines, peppers and so much more. In no time, we will be moving on to Autumn sowing. The capillary matting has no doubt saved some watering and the auto vents have been simply fantastic.

I don’t often blog about products but on this occasion, I feel it totally necessary! If you can squeeze a Rhino in, do it! They are exactly what it is says on the box and SO much more.

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