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  • Ellen Mary

A galanthrophiles heaven

Another beautiful garden visit for me last week just as the Snowdrops, Crocus, Aconites and Hellebores are in bloom. Chestnut Farm in West Beckham has an absolutely beautiful show of colour with yellow aconites carpeting a woodland area at the front of the house - a lovely welcome! The surprise is to the rear of the property which clearly shows the owners have a love for gardening and have evolved the gardens over 50 years to be a Galanthrophiles (snowdrop lover) heaven.

From our common snowdrop to the more unusual varieties such as ‘Trumps’ and ‘Spindlestone Surprise’ there are many to spot, along with the stunning colours of Crocus and a back drop of many trees. The Hankerchief Tree being my favourite, the seedheads are stunning! It’s great to see many of the Snowdrops labelled as well which is incredibly helpful. Pathways have been created to help with ease of foot and the Snowdrop circles are almost magical.

Mr & Mrs Wilson are happy to welcome visitors any time of the year as long as you pre-arrange but they are also open for the NGS Open Days on Sunday 5 March (11am - 4pm), Monday 29 May, Sunday 9 July (11am - 5pm) for only £5 each and free for children.

For more information check out the NGS website HERE.

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