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  • Ellen Mary

Azalea water gardens at Stody Lodge

I've blogged about Stody Lodge Gardens before when I visited for Mustard TV last year. It was stunning, even though when I visited the Azaleas and Rhododendrons that Stody is best known for weren't quite in bloom. My visit at the weekend was perfectly timed to see the awesomely glorious display which truly does take your breath away. I have not seen anything like it before, it's something very special.

Stody Lodge Gardens are generously opened up to the public on a few days throughout the year to help local charities and run other events. My support of The Benjamin Foundation took me and hundreds more to visit this time.

As I am sure you all know by now, my favourite style of planting is a mass of flouncy blooms in a bundle of extremely bright colours and that is exactly what I found at Stody. The Azalea Walk is a bundle of fun with a perfectly planted selection of colourful blooms all under planted with pretty bluebells - and the fragrance! Amazing. You might imagine that the colours clash but they don't. They are meant to be.

Across the perfect lawn with borders full of more Azaleas and Rhododendrons and the odd Magnolia there is a woodland walk the other side of the road. Its a clever transition from the grand lodge, bright borders and neat edges to a space where the eye is relaxed and you least expect what is to come.

A step into the Azalea water garden may take you by surprise. The colour, the back drop the winding paths within a bowl of beauty to a lake with stunning reflections seen in the ripples of the water is both serene and riotous all in one bundle of Norfolk class.

What could be better after a walk around a beautiful garden than tea and cake? On this open day The Benjamin Foundation took over the running of refreshments and it was all expertly done at that! The cake continuously kept flowing and the queue for drinks was constant. It was super to see such a great amount of support for a well deserved charity. The team at TBF work so hard with enthiusiasm to help young people who really need it.

I hope if you visited the garden the enjoyment was as much as mine and if you werent able to make it, check out the list of other dates the gardens will be open for various charities this year HERE.

Please also check out The Benjamin Foundation HERE and help out in any way you can.

Find more photos on my FACEBOOK page.

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