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  • Ellen Mary


It’s taken a while to digest how fantastic the No Fear Gardening live night of entertainment was! If you didn't catch it on social media or watch it online, the evening was a collaboration between the first year media students at City College Norwich and the No Fear Gardening group that I set up last year. The aim of No Fear Gardening has always been to have some fun, learn about gardening but with a relaxed and different approach.

When the opportunity came up to work with the students (who aptly named their production company Cactus Media before I had even contacted them - meant to be) it was a super opportunity to find out how they felt about gardening, what was of interest to them and for them to give it an extra bit of pizazz! They totally nailed it.

Michael Perry (Mr. Plant Geek) and I presented the evening and streamed live to the world! Plus we had a fun studio audience who really made the atmosphere buzzing. There were so many companies involved with making it a success listed below and huge thanks go to them for all being so wonderful! From dressing the set to providing awesome items for the goody bags.

After rehearsals, naturally fraught at times, everyone involved pulled together to make the live show happen. Epic studios helped with lighting and the bar was open so everyone enjoyed themselves! At the end of the show we had two live bands The Dry Totugas and The Exploits who ended up taking the wonky Butternut Squash! Long story… but you will see why it was so amusing when the full recording is released soon!

The show contained great pieces filmed by the students along with special guests talking about their expert subjects such as edible flowers, using plants indoors, Mediterranean planting and so much more. James, one of the students even took to the camera in his first ever presenting role.

Adding a little controversy as Michael and I like to do, we used dye coloured heathers to dress the front of the stage. They looks marvellous in the almost nightclub lighting and definitely stirred up some conversation.

Keep your eye out for more…the new and exciting show went down a treat, the feedback has been incredible and there will be more to come!

Thanks go to:

Chris Bailey (Compere)

Cactus Media

Gill & Jean (Tutors)

EPIC Studios

EYE Film & TV (Charlie & Annu)

The Aesthetic Works

Nurtured in Norfolk

The Norfolk Olive Tree Company


Urban Jungle

Grapes Hill Community Garden

Silver Road Community Centre


Stokes Sauces



Nims Crisps

Eureka Lighting


Suttons Seeds


Check out No Fear Gardening on social media Twitter, Facebook & Instagram @nofeargardening

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