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Making the best of your garden

Whether you’re a green thumb or not, your garden can really be a part of your home, so if you give it as much care and attention as you do your bedroom, living room or your kitchen, even during winter you will be making an extension to your home. There is plenty that you can do to add a little personality into your garden and make it the best it possibly can be.

Here are a few ideas, to give you a little inspiration:

Perfect Your Grass

If you have a lawn the grass can be a large feature of your garden, so if it’s not looked after well, it can make the garden look a bit messy (unless you like that style)! A great place to start is by using natural fertilisers on your lawn. You should also aerate your lawn every so often as compacted soil can decrease water drainage, nutrient absorption and air circulation, which can damage your lovely green grass.

Grow A Flower Patch

Get your hands dirty and add some colour to your garden by growing a flower patch. You can grow a wide variety perfect for cut flowers and can even grow different flowers every season, as the weather changes. Some of the best flowers for winter include colourful Pansies, pretty Snowdrops, pink Heather, fragrant Daphne and gorgeous Hellebores.

Grow A Vegetable Patch

If you’re somewhat of a foodie, then try growing your own food - its so satisfying to harvest your own crops to cook. There are less to grow during winter, but you can still over winter garlic, onions and beans. If you’re thinking of entertaining, you might also want to invest in a good BBQ. You might not use it much in the winter (although there is nothing like a BBQ in the Winter - you should try it), but when spring and summer arrives there will be plenty of opportunity to use it and even cook your own vegetables on the grill! Don't forget to clean it afterwards so you are ready to cook for the next time. Try a good grill cleaning solution and you'll be good to go.

Paint Your Fence

It might surprise you, but you garden fence doesn’t have to stay at some shade of brown! You can paint it whatever colour your heart desires. White will really stands out as does blue and even pink. Just be sure that whatever colour you choose suits the rest of the garden and compliments your garden scheme.

Light It Up

There will probably come a time that you need to navigate your garden in the dark, slug checking or nature watching or perhaps entertaining - you’ll need to make sure it’s well lit. String lights always look pretty and are a great way to light up a large portion of your garden. You can also place solar power lights around, especially near important ornaments and pathways. It might also be a good idea to install a motion sensor security light, not only to help you navigate your garden but to protect your home too.

Invest In Some Ornaments

Garden ornaments are many and varied, so why not pop down to your local garden centre and pick out a few that suit your style? Some people love to cover their garden from top to bottom with garden gnomes, whereas other like to add fairies, unicorns, and other mythical creatures. Water features also look great and come in many different styles and price ranges. They may need a clean every now and again but they are great for wildlife as well.

Get Some Garden Furniture

Your garden furniture might not be much use to you throughout winter, as few people enjoy sitting out in the freezing cold, but when the weather warms up, you’re going to want to spend some time in your newly spruced up garden. Choose furniture that suits the aesthetic of the rest of your garden and your circumstances, for example, if you want your garden to have fairy feel, then you might want to get a table and stools shaped like toadstools and have them on your grass, rather than a patio or decking. If you have small children, you might not want glass or metal furniture, in which case you might prefer plastic or wood. If you do get wood, keep it dry with covers during winter to ensure it stays in good shape for many years.

Your garden is just as important as any other part of your house, so take care of it, and put as much of your personality into it as you would like. Hopefully this has helped you with some ideas of how to do just that!

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