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  • Ellen Mary

A little advice for beginner gardeners

Bulbs are peeking up through the soil and we’ve seen the odd warmer day which must mean its time to start putting gardening plans into action! If you are new to gardening and cant wait to get started here are a few tips to get you on your way…

Don’t worry about ‘failure’ -

So many people tell me they think their plants will die, or they are bound to do ‘something wrong’. Push those negative thoughts aside and embrace the process of learning. If anyone starts a new hobby or course, there are bound to be things that don’t go according to plan. Thats what learning is all about! We all learn from ‘mistakes’ plus gardening is a life long amazing learning process and we all have the odd mishap sometimes. Just embrace the fresh air, nature and see what you can create and grow.

First place to start -

Think about how your plants and produce will grow. It is kinda magic really! But…even magic needs a place to start and that place in your garden is your soil. Without good soil, you may be disappointed with the results. It is so worth testing your soil, understanding what type you have and working with it is by far the best place to start. If you jump to buying colourful flowers without understanding your soil, you could be wasting your time and money. Have a read of this to help: HERE

Know your annuals from your biennials and perennials -

This is easy! Annuals grow once - one season, then seed, then die. Biennials grow for two growing seasons, seed and die. Perennials grow each year, so more than two years. Thats it! So…if you buy a plant and think it’s died - it may be you planted an annual. We have google folks! Just look it up.

Darkness and light -

Some plants won’t grow in shade, some plants love shade. Work out where the sun is in your garden. Do you have a North facing border (shady), do you have a South facing patio (sunny). Pick the right plants for the right place and they will thrive (as long as you have considered your soil as in tip 2)! There is so much resource online from helpful gardening forums to apps and social media, it really wont take long to make sure you are planting the right plant in the right place.

Tools of the trade -

Using the right tools really will help you make the most of your time in the garden, plus it could save you from aches and pains! I always recommend gloves although feeling the soil through your fingers can be very therapeutic so try it sometimes. A kneeling mat can be handy and hand tools that feel comfortable for your own grip. Its time to go shopping and who doesn't love that!?


If you have any questions about your garden, plants or ideas and advice just contact me via social media. I love a little gardening chat! If you are in Norwich, why not pop along to a No Fear Gardening meet up for some fuss free gardening? More info HERE

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