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  • Ellen Mary

The Allotment Years

I've had my allotment for a good few years now and its been my space for relaxing, working, learning and spending time with my folks. It's also been a place of frustration, aches and pains and a tiny bit of stress!! Come can't say occasionally you haven't thought about not going down the plot for one reason or another!

I've grown a vast array of fruit and vegetables plus cut flowers. Many have been so successful and all of that hard work is beyond worth it when you are eating your own grown, organic food. My cut flowers have been lovely and mostly given to friends and family or of course enjoyed myself in a vase. Of course having the space has allowed me to trial plants that I otherwise would only look at in catalogues.

When I took it on, my step father helped out and we divided the plot into squares and bought a shed. He even built an extension on the shed when we ran out of room! Some years I meticulously planned the plot and sometimes I just didn't have time and I planted as and when and where I could. Overall, its always filled our fridge and freezer up and fed us, along with the guinea pigs.

Mostly I've loved being there when no one is around, especially in the early evening as the sun is setting. I've sat in silence, reading a book, drinking a beer and listening to bird song - it is the most relaxing place to be when its all tidy. When it gets weedy and overgrown - not so!

But I've loved it. Bindweed and all.

So its really sad to have to let it go. We are moving house and I have been so busy with work, its time to let someone else enjoy the benefits of growing their own down the plot.

I hope to get a new garden where I can grow my own in our new place or of course an allotment locally. So its sad to be emptying the allotment shed but it's also exciting to start again and see what I can achieve next. Since we will be moving from deep rural to very urban living, I am looking forward to discovering new ways of growing my own produce - most likely utilising vertical spaces and raised beds, containers and anything I can get my hands on! So I'll be getting creative with space and thats a really exciting prospect.

In honour of my are a few photos of my place of therapy, enjoyment and love. It's totally worth the hard work and if you are thinking about getting yourself an allotment - I simply can't recommend it enough!

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If you'd like more information on allotments have a read of the Allotment Association website HERE

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