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  • Ellen Mary

Chelsea Physic Garden

If you’ve been following me on social media you will know I am moving house soon, from my rural heaven to a very different environment bang in the city. Whilst I have also purposely looked for greenery in cities I visit anywhere in the world, I have a reason to look which feels all the more close to home now.

So as I go in search of an urban oasis whilst meandering the streets of London, I took a trip to see Chelsea Physic Garden for the second time. Two reasons for my visit - firstly to admire a green urban space but secondly to research for my Plant’s for Women’s Wellbeing talks coming up.

Chelsea Physic Garden is a botanical haven for medicinal plants. Most plants are labelled and planted in groups relevant to different health issues or vitamin benefits plus information on plants used for dye and perfumes…if you love Calvin Klein Eternity…did you know it has Carnation and Lily of the Valley in? Calendula is used in hair lightening shampoos, something I never knew. Everything is very easy to understand and learn from. Many of the plants seen at the garden grow in our own at home but we probably don't realise how useful they can be.

There are medicinal and herbal plants, wonderful glasshouses with some fabulous plants ranging from Cacti to Pelargoniums. I did spend rather a long time in the bookshop because I can’t resist a book and couldn’t choose which one! So I ended up with two - Breverton’s Complete Herbal book of remarkable plants and their uses plus Urban Botanics.

So now I have fully researched many plants which can help our wellbeing in one way or another, I am even more excited to get going with my talks this year!

I just want to extend my thanks to the fabulous chap who greets visitors and takes payments - he was just so super helpful and also to the guy in the book shop who was really friendly. It’s a truly lovely place to visit.

For more details on my Plants for Women’s Wellbeing talks, follow the link below. More dates being added from England to Ireland and further afield.

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