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  • Ellen Mary

My Top 5 Spring Gardens to Visit

A gorgeous urban wildlife garden home to thousands of British flora and fauna and with over 3,130 species identified in the garden, you are sure to spot something! Spring sees the Cowslips and Bees along with frogspawn, even the odd Heron and so much more. Spring wakes us all up and a trip here to look out for wildlife enjoying the Spring weather is an absolute must for some great ideas for wildlife gardening.

Oh my word. When I first visited during May, I was not expecting the riot of colour in front of me! So many people had told me about it, I had it on good authority from the owner what to expect but words really couldn’t describe how incredible this time of year is at Stody. Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Camellias and Magnolias all in bloom together provides a crazy colourful treat to the eye and the reflections in the water at the Azalea Water Gardens is not to be missed. Open on various days for charity, its totally worth a visit.

If you can’t make it to Holland to see the Tulips in Spring then head over to Pashley Manor for the Tulip Festival. Stunning views of over 40,000 Tulips including one hundred and twelve (no less) varieties all planted in colour blocks or ‘rooms’ as described. Its a blend of Holland and England all in one perfect mix of Spring.

Fairhaven is like no other garden. Lovely canopy woodland walks plus some Rhododendrons and a lovely Hyacinth walk for later in the year. But it’s not these which need a visit for in Spring, its the naturalised Candelabra Primula’s which are so delightful to walk on by to admire. Carry on through the garden and you will find yourself amazed on approach to the serene broad at the end.

A National Trust site in Devon, which is spectacular enough at any time of year but Spring brings with it the Fritillaries,Camassisas and lots of Tulips as you take a walk absorbing the fresh sea air as well. The views are nothing short of spectacular.

Happy Spring Gardening!

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