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  • Ellen Mary

Fresh Herbs, is there anything better?

From the most inexperienced gardener to the green fingered professional, herbs are the perfect plant for anyone to grow. They don’t require much in the way of specialist gardening equipment or tools, neither do they need extensive time and attention.

To get started on a budget it can be as simple as cutting a fizzy drinks bottle in half, popping some small holes in the base and adding some loose soil. Remember to put a small saucer or plate underneath to avoid leaking! When considering the perfect location for your plants it’s best to put them in a place where there’s plenty of light, often a kitchen windowsill works very well.

Herbs make a great indoor plant and can really liven up a kitchen space, however the hardier varieties like dill can survive outside year-round. This may cut down on how much fresh produce you’re able to harvest from the plants but obviously you’ll be able to plant a much larger amount for a bigger harvest!

Try not to plant the herbs that you find pre-potted in the supermarket as these are not designed to live past a few weeks, either buy small cuttings or plant your own seeds from scratch, this will be most rewarding in the long-term! Take a look at the diagram below, it will help to show you when is the best time to plant and harvest your herbs as well as how much water they need. Why not print it out and pop it on your fridge door to remind you to water them!

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