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  • Ellen Mary


I love trees, I definitely want to protect our environment* and I am a proud tree hugger! Do you know why? Because they keep us alive!

I can never understand anyone who has a dislike for nature in general but trees...come on...they provide us with oxygen so we can breathe and live. Whats not to love? I generally like to hug people I love, so why not hug a tree!

Since I started #hugatreeweek I've heard some fantastic stories about how a tree really did call out to a sceptic who was forest bathing* and a lady who swears the tree she hugged knew it was being shown some love. Some of you may think this all sounds mad, but considering we've recently discovered trees communicate with each other, is it so hippy to believe trees know they are being hugged?

I wrote about forest bathing some time ago, which you can read HERE and its such a good way to relax, lower your blood pressure and reduce stress but not only can walking amongst trees help us, hugging a tree truly gives us good vibrations! No need for the science, google it, in the meantime try it for yourself. See how you feel, you'll probably have a giggle which can only be a good thing anyway but weirdly I find it liberating and 100% relaxing.

So, love trees and join in with #hugatree week by taking a photo of yourself or family and friends tree hugging and post on social media with the hashtag.

Happy tree hugging!

* Tree hugger - An environmentalist or one who believes trees and all living things should not be cut down or harmed. Someone who works to protect the environment from destruction or pollution

* Forest bathing - taking a walk amongst trees for health purposes

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