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Why Rattan Garden Furniture?

Recent years have seen a huge resurgence of rattan furniture and it is currently topping the trends in the garden and interior world. Both natural and synthetic rattan are popular choices - particularly for outdoor spaces, but synthetic is taking the lead as the number one choice between the two. Not only is synthetic rattan cheaper than the real deal whilst still looking just as good, but it’s additional benefits and plus-points are countless.

Weatherproof & durable

What’s the one thing that’s going to be at the top of your list of needs when choosing your outdoor furniture? It needs to be weatherproof - particularly in the UK with our famously miserable climate! Although real rattan often struggles in certain weather conditions, it’s synthetic counterpart is impressively resistant to most. Be it rain, frost or high levels of UV - synthetic rattan can handle almost anything that mother nature throws at it, so you’re guaranteed a long-lasting product. There’s also no need to worry about moss growth - it’s resistant to that too.

Which leads nicely on to the next plus-point - durability. Despite being more lightweight than most other types of furniture, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s flimsy. The synthetic fibres within synthetic rattan don’t crack or splinter as easily as perhaps wood or other natural fibres would and boasts an average lifespan of 10 - 20 years, giving it an attractive edge over the competitors.

Easy & breezy

You probably don’t want to spend your money on garden furniture that’s going to need a fair bit of upkeep. If you’re looking for something that’s low maintenance and will just need to be hosed down with water and some fairy liquid every now and then to clean it up, then look no further than synthetic rattan. You might want to take a small brush to the fibres occasionally for a more detailed clean but generally speaking, it should more or less look after itself.

If you’re indecisive and fancy shifting your garden furniture around on the daily, that’s not a problem either. Rattan furniture is super lightweight, meaning that you can move and rearrange your garden set-up to your heart’s content.

Sitting pretty

Of course, the best thing about rattan is that it looks beautiful. The natural, wooden effect of the furniture means that it blends in perfectly with most outdoor landscapes, whilst maintaining the solidity and longevity of a synthetic material. Due to its popularity and the versatility of the blending process used to create it, rattan comes in all different shapes, sizes and designs. Whether it’s a corner suite you’re after, a lounger, a dining set or maybe something a little more unique, there’s a good chance that the design you’ve been dreaming of is out there somewhere.

Rattan comes in many different finishes, with a range of weave colours, shapes, textures and styles available on the market. You can go for a classic, natural look or bring it into the modern day with a super chic style.

So, there you have it; many a reason to make your next garden investment a piece or two of rattan furniture. Shipping synthetic and real rattan all over the world, make Skyline your first stop. They have a huge collection of premium quality Rattan furniture sets and accessories available to browse HERE.

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