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How to liven up the garden in winter

The garden during the winter is never at it’s liveliest. Most things die down by the end of the autumn, and the space can easily be left looking bland and bleak. When you’re a keen gardener, you don’t want to just enjoy your outside space during the warmer months, you want to be able to appreciate it all year round. Thankfully, there are ways you can liven up the garden in winter.

Plant winter blooming flowers

We tend to associate flowers with the warmer weather, but there are a surprising number of winter blooming flowers out there that can really bring life to the garden. From the Christmas rose to winter aconites and algerian irises, if you love your outdoor space to be full of blooms then consider planting these into pots, planters and flowerbeds. Once everything else dies off for the year, these varieties will burst into bloom. The weather might be dull and drab at this time of the year, but some pretty flowers can certainly improve the way things look!

Add evergreens

Evergreens are an obvious solution if you want to keep some greenery in your garden year round. It could be anything from hedges to large trees to smaller shrubs nestled within your planting scheme. During the summer, they break up the blooms, and once everything dies back for the year they provide some much needed colour, texture and life to the garden.

Bring in interest with sculptures and water features

Garden Sculptures and water features will remain looking nice all year round, and are especially a feature when the rest of the garden is a little more bare. Choose designs that work well with the theme of your garden, you could really make a statement out of them if you wanted. For example, if you already have a pond, adding a water feature and some lighting can look spectacular. This makes a nice feature to enjoy while you’re sat outside in the warmer months having a drink in the evening or a barbeque with friends. And it’s also great for over the cold months, when you’re admiring the yard from the window.

Keep the lawn looking nice

While lawns do take a bit of work to keep them at their best, all in all they’re pretty hardy. As long as you have soil that drains well, it’s shouldn’t flood and die over the winter. Looking out into the garden and seeing a nice green lawn, even if it’s cold and raining can be more pleasant than just plain concrete. Your lawn won’t be growing much at this time of year, choose a dry day and give it it’s final cut for the year. You’ll want to set your blades to a reasonable height, so that it looks tidy but isn’t too short. A good fertiliser will help strengthen its roots, and keep it going right through til spring.

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