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What is #GardenDayUK

By now we all know about the benefits of getting out in the garden both to our metal and physical health. But it can be hard to make the time and find the space, so GardenDayUK is about just breathing and just enjoying a day out in the garden.

Gardens can become another list of to-do’s. We need to water, plant and maintain, but how often do we just sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labour? Garden day is the day of the year to forget the spade, give the mower a rest and kick back with friends, family, or just plants, to soak it up.

Anyone can take part in GardenDay, regardless of age or gardening experience, even if you’ve just got a pot on the windowsill.

When and where is it?

On the 12th May, wherever you are, sit back and enjoy your green space. Join the online community by sharing your pictures using the tag #GardenDayUK. If you want to invite family and friends to join you here’s our toolkit for the day.

How do I get involved?

There are loads of ways to enjoy your garden from meditating with your succulents to stretching out on the sun-lounger. Here are a few ideas…

Make a flower crown: You’ll need a rope for the base, flowers and scissors. Tie small bunches together into posies and attache to the rope (face the stems in the same direction, overlapping them as you go). Cut your rope to size to tie off with a bow around your head (it’s easier to tie someone else's!). If you’d like to watch a video here’s how to make a flower crown with Candide and Talula Rose.

Make a Recipe from the garden: You could try making Nasturtium Pesto, or pick some edible flowers to decorate your dinner. Pansies, roses and marigolds are edible amongst others, but make sure you know what you’re picking!

Pressing flowers: something anyone can do, and they make great additions to greetings cards a couple of weeks down the line! It’s also a great way to enjoy what’s in your garden now!

Have fun with the family: Here are our top twelve family GardenDay activities from making fairy gardens to swapping plants.

You can find more information about the day at Whatever you get up to we hope you have a great day! And don’t forget to share your pictures using the tag #GardenDayUK.

The day is proudly created by Candide, the free app connecting gardeners around the country where you can find inspiration and knowledge, identify plants or explore local gardens to visit. Candide is a warm community of gardeners and plant lovers so come on in and join the party!

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