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  • Ellen Mary

The Autumnal Vibe

It soon becomes apparent during September that Autumn is here. The temperature has dropped pretty quickly and the leaves are falling, if not turning those gorgeous shades of red, brown and yellow. Autumn excites me! I know the fun and colours of Spring and Summer have passed and we are probably in for a really cold Winter period, but it's the anticipation of what is to come next year. I am already buzzing in my mind with new varieties to grow on the plot and having only set everything up down the new allotment this year, I have a better idea of the soil, the 'no dig' method, what I can fit in (and what I can't - I mean I really didn't need to plant 15 squash plants on a small urban plot)!

This year I am away for all of October so the plot is being cleared out earlier than usual. The greenhouse will be emptied and cleaned (apart from a few tender perennials incase we get a frost while I am away), the cut flower patch will be tidied up and my winter vegetables will be well and truly protected. I will wait until I get back to give the whole area another layer of PlantGrow and have a further tidy up.

Since life is a bit manic this month, I will be spending some colder evenings on the allotment so I am thinking chips in front of the fire with my feet up on a chair. Yes...I did say 'fire'. I have the Malvern in Black from Imagin Fires which is Bioethanol, meaning it runs on plants and there's no smoke. Amazing! Great to keep my feet warm on an Autumnal evening. So roll on Autumn and Winter...because it will soon be Spring!

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