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  • Ellen Mary

Warming up the allotment

I am finally back down the allotment after being overseas for all of October. I was beyond excited to get back down the plot and see what had changed over the month. Well, all I can say is Autumn arrived! Love it!

Most of the plot was just as I had left it, with some salads gone wild and the foliage all died back on the squash, meaning they are ready to harvest. The winter vegetables are doing extremely well and all in all, I have just some clearing and mulching to do for winter protection plus some sweet peas to sow and onions, shallots and garlics to plant out.

The one thing I had pre planned was the fact I had no doubt, having acclimatised to the Australian heat, that I would need to be wrapped up warm on the allotment during the UK Autumn and Winter. This means it's time for my bio ethanol fire from Imaginfires to take pride of place by the table and chairs so I can get my feet toasty and warm my hands up when they get cold. I'd never really considered having a fire on the plot before but it's made a huge difference to the amount of time I can enjoy on the plot throughout the winter. It's a great alternative to a bonfire for warmth, which I am always wary of starting down the plot.

The Malvern Black bioethanol fireplace is freestanding, easy to get going and the flames are mesmerising. I hang out down the plot as it gets dark with the fire burning, a hot cup of lemon verbena tea and relax at my favourite place in the world, after a hard days work.

If you fancy taking a look at the fire I have click this link: and there are a range of fires on the Imaginfires website to choose from.

It sure makes the allotment an even more special place to be during the cold Autumn evenings.

Happy Autumn Allotmenteering!

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